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Simplicity (Delicate Paint)

Simplicity (Delicate Paint)

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Simplicity is a goal everywhere. Developing simple software that still has advanced functionality. Simple product usage, like Apple devices. Simple explanations for education. Simplicity Watch represents this concept and inspires scientists and others to use simplicity in their lives. Simplicity Watch is for those who seek the truth, whether it is being truthful, acting with authenticity or seeking the scientific truth.

When buying this product, you contribute to science since all profits go strictly toward medical research in the form of an advanced medical drug discovery platform for discovering new types of medicines that help cure cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoarthritis, obesity, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, and other complex diseases.

The watch has quite a thin layer of black coating so please use it delicately. Otherwise there could be silver Aluminum color coming forth as you scrape the watch against something or even itself as you are putting it on or off. Although only to be used delicately, I still really enjoy wearing this watch. The Scandinavian design aligns with my scientific style of working where i prioritize simplicity and clarity.

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